After Propeller

Since the Fretless Guitar Festival in  September 2008 Propeller hasn't been active as a band anymore. But the members didn't quit the musicscene at all.

-Sjoerd van Veen was one of the original members. He's a drummer and currently lives in France. Rumour has it that he's been or still is in a local band. I still need to get some live footage online with him and

-Dick Blaauw, a talented percussionist from the Dutch city of Alphen aan den Rijn, who joined Propeller in 2000 for several gigs

-Arie Eikelboom (one of the original members; bassplayer on Elastic City) currently runs a tanning studio with his wife. Also working in some kind of chemical lab. Disclaimer: as far as I know of.

-Raymond Drenth (drums on Elastic City and Down 2 Earth) is now a member of skatepunk band Drunk Tank .He also has been a member of Lianan Shee. (see also Marloes van Elswijk, their former vocalist)

-Donny Mulders (bass on KoCo, Live@PopIn and Live At Dam Square) also became a member of Drunk Tank

-Michiel Coolen (drummer on KoCo, Live@PopIn and Live At Dam Square ) is currently a member of The Pocket Bunnies

-Willem Niehorster (one of the original members, lead/solo/fretless guitar, backing vocals on all albums) is the big man behind the  Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival . This festival takes place every year in two rockcafe's in The Hague, attracting fretless guitarplayers and fretless fans from around the globe. Apart from this contribution to the local cultural community, he's the guitarist and one of the founders of progressive rockband Dream Flight To Antarctica 

-Niels Zeven (bassplayer during the 2008 gigs) also became a member of Dream Flight To Antarctica

-Johnito (vocals, lyrics on all albums) is sharing his political views with the world on his blog. Furthermore he got one of his poems published in a book named Poëzie op Pootjes.
He did some standup improvisation at the Zeeheldenfestival , was a DJ and talkshow host, took part in many jam-sessions and teamed up with the Instant Band for a few months. Also continues to learn from scratch how to record new lofi tracks at home,downloadable and available on CD. See his site for info.


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